Welcome to the Enactus UK Mentor tracking system.

The Enactus UK Alumni Network is one of the most established Enactus networks in the world. To ensure that our Enactus teams are getting the most out of this fantastic resource, and to make sure that the link between our mentors and our Programme Staff is seamless, we have developed this online resource to track, assess, and alert our users of any changes in the network.

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Since 2012, the Enactus UK Alumni have given


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Total Support

The Reporting Tool tracks the amount of hours each of our mentors gives to their teams. Tracking this number month by month allows us to understand when the 'peak' times in the network are.

Historically these peaks have always occurred close to Competition. But the introduction of the 'Summer Action Awards', coupled with a greater general understanding of how mentors can best be allocated and used, means that these peaks have mellowed out and been replaced by a greater use of the mentoring support system throughout the year.

As well as seeing the statistics for the wider network, individual mentors are able to log in and see how their individual numbers track against the network average, as well as how much support their teams are getting compared to others.

As of this moment, our mentors giving an average of 103 hours per month, across the network, including support during national events such as Training Weekend (not represented in the graph).

Breakdown of support

As well as understanding the total number of hours mentors give, it is also important for us to know how these hours are being delivered. Whereever possible, the Alumni Management Team try to allocate teams mentors who live and/or work close to them.

The best mentoring is done face to face, and as the mentor network grows, we are able to see a trend towards more face to face hours being submitted.

Equally however, we know that our mentors are there for our teams even when they can't physically be present. It is therefore important for us to know all the ways in which our mentors are being engaged, so that we can offer the support and best-practice needed.

As of this moment, our mentors have given 4764 hours of face to face support, which represents 60% of the total alumni support given.

At-a-glance analysis

Of course, hours given are not the only important measure. We place far more emphasis on the qualitative data our mentors report back. To make sure that this is handled in the most efficient way, we use a number of tools to parse this data.

Every report can be read by both the team's Programme Manager, and any other relevant mentors in the network. This ensures that any information that the team's support network might need to know is available quickly.

Beyond that though, there are other methods our software uses to ensure that an accurate picture of the network is built. Each report is catagorised and rated by the submitting mentor, allowing other users to easily search for and use the content. In addition to this, the system automatically performs a regular textual analysis of all reports to build up a representation of both the strong and weak parts of the network.

This data can then be used by Enactus UK, and by the Alumni Management Team, to identify areas where stronger support is needed.